4 Bluetooth Tricks You’ve Got To Try

Bluetooth started out as a great way to share files on phones but it has evolved to become so much more than just that. It is now used to connect and control different devices from TVs, speakers, computers, car systems, smart home systems and so much more. Here are some 4 cool Bluetooth tricks you’ve got to try with your devices.

Connect Bluetooth Earbuds To More Than One Device – some of the best earbuds in the market come with some amazing features that are meant to enhance your user experience. One of the features you can get from some of the best earbuds brands in the market is the ability to connect your earbuds to multiple devices in your home. T

It means you will be able to connect the earbuds to your phone, car, laptop and other devices. From your workout when you get home and switch off your phone’s Bluetooth you are automatically connected to your laptop so you can continue to enjoy music or get alerts when someone is video calling you.

Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers To One Device – so imagine that you have several Bluetooth speakers in your house or you and your friends want to create a party with several Bluetooth speakers connected together. It is now possible to connect one device (phone or computer) to several speakers.

This is possible for mobile devices with Bluetooth 5.0. It is also possible when you are connecting through apps. AmpMe is the most common app through which you can connect several Bluetooth speakers to your phone or computer. You can also achieve this, using brand specific apps such as Sonos app or Bose connect for Sonos and Bose speakers respectively.

Connect Your TV To Two Bluetooth Headphones – comes a time when you need to get immersed in whatever you are watching or when you are gaming on your TV. Headphones are great way to immerse yourself into the action by bring high fidelity sound to your ears.

Connecting to one set of Bluetooth headphones of earbuds is easy but how about when you want to connect two Bluetooth earbuds to the TV?

It is possible but you will need a third party device called a transmitter. The transmitter has Bluetooth version 4.0 and above which allows for dual connectivity. The transmitter acts as the link between your TV and the two Bluetooth headphones you wanted to connect.

Connect Bluetooth Earbuds and Wired Headphone to Your Mac – this is another amazing trick that includes listening to the same audio using different Bluetooth earbuds (airpods) on your mac plus a wired headphone. Ensure that both Bluetooth earbuds are connected to your mac and the wired headphones are plugged in.

Launch the Audio Midi setup in utilities and then create multi-output device. Then select the headphones you want to connect from the list that appears. For the wired headphone include it in the setup as a built-in device. Select a master device and then ensure you tick the drift corrections for the slave devices on the list.

As Bluetooth keeps advancing, the capabilities keep changing and what seems impossible to do today might just become the norm with the next version of

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